Studies in the Charismatic Renewal

These studies deal with the truths of God, especially as they relate to the Charismatic Renewal and the doctrines and teaching of same. We will cover a variety of issues including some historical background, and distinctives of the Charismatic renewal and the Pentecostal renewal. Eventually I will address the gifts of the Holy Spirit and their place in church life.

Any discussion of the Charismatic renewal causes a significant emotional response in many people. Emotional responses are not conducive to finding truth. The only solution to this problem is to endeavor to step aside from those emotions and allow Godís revealed word (Bible) to be the final authority, not only for others but for ourselves as well.

I am a Christian and charismatic. It is not popular in many circles to use the term charismatic but it is my hope in this study to provide the Biblical definition of that term together with what God has done and is doing in the Charismatic Renewal. My ultimate hope is that, rather than characterize all Charismatics by the extremes and kooks, there will come a Biblical view and acceptance of God's work in the Charismatic Renewal. I believe that those who are committed to the principle that "the prophetic and apostolic writings of the Old and New Testaments are the only rule and norm according to which all doctrines and teachers alike must be appraised and judged," will come to the conclusion that all Christians are to seek all that the Holy Spirit has for them including the charismatic gifts He has appointed to them.

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Last modified: December 26, 1997