Logos Research Systems

This site was created using a combination of Logos Research Systems and Allaire's Homsite ver 5.0 The Logos software package is a complete Bible Study and Theology research library. It contains the ability to read and search multiple languages in the same file making it possible to utilize the full power of the computer on scholarly works such as theological books which quote foreign languages. It has the most advanced and powerful search engine of any of the Bible Study/Library packages available. It has a feature which allows notes to be collected from the various volumes in your library. This note can be printed or create a new file, including HTML. That is how I create the initial pages for these studies. It has literally cut weeks off my research and development time for Bible studies and WEB site development.

Hebrew and Greek Fonts

The fonts used on this site are the HebraicaII and GraecaII fonts bundled with the Logos software. If you do not have Logos the chances are small that you were able to read the Greek and Hebrew characters in the studies. There are two ways you can obtain these fonts.

Purchase Logos Research Software

A wide range of price options are possible. I discount the retail prices 20% or more so check with me before purchasing the product elsewhere. All Logos Bible/Library packages will install the appropriate Greek and Hebrew Fonts. Visit the Logos product Web site to review their products and retail prices.

Email me for discount prices.

Purchase the Font Package from Linguist's Software

The fonts are also available from Linguist's Software (425) 775-1130, FAX (425) 771-5911. If you mention this website (note the address above) you will get a 20% discount on the full package (either Hebrew and/or Greek). If you want only the two specific fonts used on this web site (HebraicaII and GraecaII) they will bundle those two fonts only, with full documentation and keyboard charts, for $79.95 plus shipping. This is not available on their WEB site, you must contact them at fonts@linguistsoftware.com. This is a custom product for those who order it based on information from this WEB site. (Note that their full products have six fonts each in them. The custom product will have only the two.)

I trust this information will help you to obtain the product you need. Back to Introduction Page.

Last modified: January 12, 1998