Family Photos

Alma and Leroy
If you can help with identify, stories, location or any information I would love to have it.
Please respond by Email using the numbers on each line to give what information you may have.

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Can You Help?

((1)) Boeck Adolph and Lona (I have her in my genealogy as Mary (Lona) Cronon). All I know about them is that Adolph Ryan was born 8 Dec 1907 in Trousdale, OK; and died 10 Dec 1994 in hemet, Riverside Co., CA. and that he is Aunt Nellie and Grandma's brother. I have nothing on her or Adolph's other (first or second?) wife. If you have information on either wife, marriage dates, birth and death dates, etc, I would like to have it. Do you have any other information? Did they have children? Any Stories I can put in my genealogy, what they did, religion, sicknesses, etc.?

((2)) Boeck Edward & Hattie w/Dicy, Julie & Dewitt: on June 14, 1956
I remember as a young boy, when we visited Oklahoma, being very smitten by Dicy!

((9)) Sanders Home of Nathan P. Sanders. I assume this is a relative, else why does this photo find its way into our possession? I don't have him in my genealogy. Any ideas why?
Is the family standing in front of the home his family? On the back it has written: "Residence of Nathan P. Sanders No 1130 So Lincoln Ave, Denver, Colo."
It says "Residence of..." but does not explicitly identify this family as the family of Nathan P. Sanders. Any hints or opinions?

((3)) 1921 Ford Auto Do You Know Anything About It? On the back is written in pencil: "1921 The Ford"

((4)) Goldsby Orval & Sarah - First Trip To Beach (Seaside, Oregon). Do you know who the friends are? Could that be Tom and I? Any idea who the girl is?

((6)) Hall Theresa, on a postcard with a team of women basketball players? What can you tell me about this postcard? On the ball it says "1919 Davis". What does that mean? It looks like mom's writing on the back: "Theresa B. Hall, Front row left."

((7)) Jackson Fern - Who is she? The picture on the left is written on the back "Fern With Orval" and the photo was processed at "Kodak Department, Hoppell Studio, Thomas, Oklahoma.
The other photo has written on the back "Fern Jackson in 1922" and is stamped with the same film company as the other.

((8)) Aunt Jessie On the back it says (in mom's writing): "Aunt Jessie has one eye she can't see out of & her glasses are clouded on that side is why she always turns her head."
If I have this right the two ladies are my Great Grandmother Minnie Dicy Sanders (b 1881) and her younger sister, Jesse (Sally J) Sanders (b 1885). Am I right? Do we have any additional information or family stories of them, their accomplishments, etc.?

((9)) Sanders Forgive me, I know I'm supposed to know this. Is this Minnie Dicy Sanders? If not, Who? On the back is typed: "From Your mother & Grand mother Minnie.Boeck." It is dated Feb 18, 1944 and is addressed to Mr.Mrs.H.H.Hall & Family.

((5)) Goldsby On the back is written: "L to R Theresa Goldsby, Archie Gabriel, Nellie, Alice Gabriel, Helen & Reuben pierce, Alice Talley, Aunt Christina Boeck. (Cousins)."
It looks to me like Aunt Nellie is on the left. Did she and Grandma look that much alike? Do you have any recollections of these people? (We already talked about Helen and Reuben Pierce.)