John Boeck Family

The Photo Trail

  1. This photo of the Boeck family in Germany shows us our oldest known ancestors of this family line.
  2. The memorial/obituary of George Boeck claims that he and his brother, Henry, came to the US together and that George arrived in the US in 1852 when he was 17.
  3. Since he came with a brother I assume it was the older brother (in this photo?) who came with him. That is more reasonable than that a 17 year old comes over with a younger brother.
  4. The photo shows parents, two daughters, and three sons. It makes sense that the two who first traveled to America are the two oldest sons.
  5. I recently (March 2015) received an email indicating that the other son in the photograph is named Adam and after coming to the United States he started and named one of his sons "George Henry, apparently out of respect for his brothers." I did some research and was able to find census records and more confirming his connection to the Boeck family here. I have provided four PDF files of this family (April 18, 2015).
    John Boeck descendants.
    John Boeck family.
    George Boeck family.
    Adam Boeck family.

Did you notice the window?
Perhaps a curious friend or servant watching the photographic event.

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