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John David Goldsby, Sr.
John David Goldsby, Jr.
Lucy Ann Wesson-Carlisle

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Joseph Fish (1758-1851).
Joseph William Sanders (1844-1922)
John Boeck (1815-1887)
Solomon Goldsby (1836-1924)

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Chart Goldsbys from England
John David Goldsby III
Sarah Altom Family
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Williams/Dighton Family

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Peter Goldsby Crest

Historical Documents

Etymology of the Goldsby Surname Goldsby Name
Scalping of the Solday BrothersSoliday Family: Scalped
Jesse Altom's Diary as a Civil War Prisoner Altom Civil War Prisoner Diary
James Altom - Scenes Of My Childhood Altom Memories of Marion Co.
From Nebraska to Pacific Slope in Washington Territories, 1880 in PDF Frank Stevens Diary PDF
Single Tax League Single Tax League PDF

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An Altom WEB siteLinda Smith


LDS Site
Roots Computing

Family History and Genealogy

It is with genuine excitement that I offer this forum as a place to further family contacts. I welcome all related family records & information and will be happy to return the favor. All my work is computerized and can be shared in a variety of electronic formats. At the time of this writing there are literally hundreds of surnames and 18,809 individuals in my ancestry database. Much of the information on this WEB site has been contributed by those who have selflessly made their own research available. Please, let me know if you find corrections or additions to your family. I always welcome correspondence and try to respond quickly.

I have been doing Family history and genealogy since 1969. It started at Concordia college, Milwaukee, WI as a part of a history class assignment. I have met some wonderful people and learned a lot about myself.

Genealogists, especially amateurs like myself, are always excited to find new contacts, new information, and to share what they have learned. Genealogy is a hobby which offers, as a significant part of its reward, genuine excitement when sharing the fruit of your research. This site includes six sets of dynamic (HTML) Pedigree Charts at left: Goldsby, Altom, Wirkkala/Markkanen, Hall/Boeck, Froescher/Boyer, and Williams/Dighton. The site also provides "Family Group Sheets" accessible from the Pedigree chart or the Surname and Name charts. NOTE: As a courtesy to protect your identification, the genealogy trees and family group sheets on this site do not publish the information of any individuals reasonably believed to be living.

Cherokee Bill Goldsby

The infamous outlaw, Crawford Goldsby, aka "Cherokee Bill", has been linked into the proper branch of the family thanks to Art Burton (historian and author) and Bennie McRae. The following WEB site is available for your perusal: The Handbook Of Texas Online with an Article by Paul M. Lucko. "Cherokee Bill Goldsby," was born to George Goldsby and Ellen Beck. I have created a PDF file showing my relationship to Cherokee Bill Goldsby.

We Are History: The Single Tax League

When you begin working on genealogy it quickly becomes evident that your family IS history. I first got involved in genealogy when a history professor inspired us to understand the importance of history and its place in our lives by giving us an assignment. It was "Find out when your family came to America and the events in their home country that may have caused them to come here." That assignment caused me to talk to aunts and uncles and grandparents to find out where we came from (England and Germany primarily). History came alive because it was my family, my ancestors, my heritage that I was studying. I've found an Oklahoma Sheriff, Preachers, Architects and much more.

One example is my paternal Grandmother's family (the Boeck family). George Boeck got involved in a political effort to establish our nation on an entirely different path that it has chosen. I found two Obituary booklets in the family that includes a significant "lecture" on the subject. Again, it brought home to me the place my ancestors have had in history.
A mother and daughter died in a ship wreck at sea. They were the daughter and granddaughter of George Boeck. The booklet put together for their memorial service is very interesting and it certainly demonstrates that "We Are history". I hope you enjoy the Louisa and Nellie Nake Memorial with Single Tax League message.
PS: Do not be confused by the reference to a "Henry George". He is the founder of the "Single Tax League" plan and not a member of the family.

Bob Goldsby

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Last Updated: 24 January 2014