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Updated 25 January 2014.


As I continue my genealogy research, and interact on Facebook, I am very excited to learn about and be in contact with members of the larger Goldsby family. I was aware, of course, of the very many branches of Goldsby's but the social media has made it possible to connect in new and very practical ways. Go to Genealogy section to access a variety of  family charts and trees. I have posted a "Descendants Chart" of the Goldsby's of my ancestor from England. It is a fairly large document but at the end of it there is an Index of Names and an Index of Places which may help with your search.

Southern Washington State Goldsby Family

My father, Orval Eugene Goldsby, was a resident of Oklahoma (born in Meeker, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma). He came to Vancouver to work in the Kaiser Shipyards building ships for the war. He had been dating my mother, Sarah Matilda Altom, and she soon came to Vancouver, where she also worked for Kaiser. They were married in February of 1943 and started their family with me as the firstborn.

Northern Washington State Goldsby Family

If you go to my "Geneaology" page (see link at left) you will find some of the history of the Goldsby family including a diary by Frank Stevens which includes his trip (begun in April of 1880) by Wagon Train to the Puget Sound area in Northern Washington State. Nine Goldsbys traveled in the same wagon train and are a part of this diary. These Goldsbys settled in that area.

On May 10, 1880 another wagon train left Kansas and traveled north to the same area. A book was written about that journey entitled "Wagon Wheels A'Rollin'". The author of the book is Daisy Belle Catherine Brown Pier Goldsby Ackley. Her book describes the journey and her life after the journey, including the Goldsby family who had preceeded them into the area. As you can see by her name she married and outlived three husbands, one of them was my Great Grandfather, Albert Leroy "Al" Goldsby, Sr. He was born in Kansas (some census records say Illinois) but he moved to Oklahoma and then to the Puget Sound area of Washington state where he and Daisy met and married. The book is very well written and well worth the read. Here is a quote from the Introduction:

"Daisy crossed the plains from May Day, Kansas, to Washington Territory in 1880 at the age of eight with a covered wagon train, in the company of her physician father, her mother, siblings and other relatives and friends. She describes details of the trip with astonishing clarity of recall. Astonishing, that is, to those who did not know her, for those who did know her, nothing this sweet little lady did astonished us. We grew to expect her wit, energy and courage as normal behaviour."
Melba Luverne Pierre (2000-01-10). Wagon Wheels A'Rollin' (Kindle Locations 194-197). iUniverse. Kindle Edition.

Photos for a Family Gathering

This last summer we had a family gathering that included our siblings, children, grandchildren and some great grandchildren. We were blessed that both Jan and Gene were able to join us. It was held at brother Tom's home and was a lot of fun! View a few photos at 2013 Photos.

At our Goldsby family gathering, in January of 2011, I prepared a slideshow of family photos. This includes the Goldsby family as well as other branches (Boeck, Altom and more). Here is a link to view the PDF version. Many of these photos were provided by Deloris (Hall) Ware who now lives in Australia. Her mother (and my grandmother) was a Boeck family member and Deloris was able to provide some awesome photos of that family.

A Mother's Testmony

Before Mom (Sarah M. Altom Goldsby) died she wrote a wonderful and touching letter to her children. I have reproduced a portion of it as it relates to her courtship and life with Dad. I hope you enjoy A Mother's Testimony.